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Collective Investment Trust

The Potentially Lower-Cost Retirement Investment

Collective investment trusts are pooled retirement investment vehicles maintained by a bank or trust company. They are only available through certain retirement plans. Collective investment trusts can offer performance and benefits similar to mutual funds, but typically at lower costs.

As a result, Collective investment trusts can mean sizable retirement plan savings, making them a potentially attractive option for plan sponsors and plan participants.

$2 Trillion and Counting

Many plan sponsors are choosing Collective investment trusts to meet their ERISA-dictated fiduciary and legal obligations to offer low-cost investment options to plan participants. Today, more than $2 trillion in retirement savings are invested in Collective investment trusts, in both defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

Making the Choice

Plan sponsors and their financial advisors are exploring Collective investment trusts subadvised by investment managers who also manage well-established mutual funds. Please contact your Six Line representative for more information about Collective investment trusts.