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Combining the Benefits of ETFs with Specialized Expertise

Six Line ETFs: Dynamic Strategies Managed by Experts

Set apart by its affiliate structure, Six Line brings together nine independent investment managers — each with their own area of expertise. Together, they deliver specialized strategies in multiple investment vehicles, including exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Our ETF managers include storied investment firms such as Western Asset Management, ClearBridge Investments, QS Investors, RARE, and Royce & Associates.

At Six Line, we bring together these independent asset managers, leveraging their unique skills to deliver innovative active and strategic beta ETFs. Our suite of ETFs gives investors and advisors access to specialized solutions, helping them pursue the outcomes they desire.

Why ETFs?

ETFs have become an integral component of the global investing landscape and have been widely adopted by many investors and financial intermediaries.

Benefits including lower costs, tax efficiency, flexibility, and intraday liquidity have helped to drive their popularity.

Streamlined operations can help lower structural costs/expenses
May offer advantages for tax efficiency
Choice of multiple management styles – active, passive & strategic beta
Can be bought or sold anytime during market hours at real-time prices
Insights & Education

Six Line is dedicated to partnering with financial intermediaries by providing ETF education and thought leadership to help them grow their practice. For more information, please contact us or call a Six Line representative at +358942417563.